DealMakers Quote of The Week

21 Dec

Posted By: Sean Terry | December 21, 2008

Here are Several Inspirational Quotes To Get You Focused For the Week Ahead…

Donald_trump“I like thinking big. If you’re going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big”.
—-Donald Trump

“Every day, you’ll have opportunities to take chances and to work outside your safety net. Sure, it’s a lot easier to stay in your comfort zone.. in my case, business suits and real estate.. but sometimes you have to take risks. When the risks pay off, that’s when you reap the biggest rewards”.
——Donald Trump





Nike-Just Do It!Just Do It! Nike - So simply stated and yet infinitely powerful. Should I invest in real estate or not? Just do it. Should I invest out of state? Just do it. Should I get pre qualified for the Fortress Investor Program? Just do it. Should I wait until the real estate market is better? Just do it. No matter what the task, if it feels onerous and is pushing all your procrastination buttons, but you know it has to get done, stop making excuses. JUST DO IT!

Here’s my quote: “The size of the person is determined by the size of the obstacle they can overcome” Be Relentless….

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Happy Investing

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