Dealmakers Quote of the Week -Mark Zuckerberg Facebooks CEO

1 Mar

Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook “Being Into What You Do”

Mark Zucker Facebook CEO Quote

“I was watching an interview with Steve Jobs the other day, in which he said that ‘In order to be doing something like this, you have to really, really like what you’re doing, because otherwise it just doesn’t make sense.’ The demands and the amount of work that it takes to put something like [Facebook] into place, it’s just so much that if you weren’t completely into what you were doing and you didn’t think it was an important thing, then it would be irrational to spend that much time on it.”  —Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook

I love success stories, they’re inspiring and motivating.  The chances you or I coming up with an idea like Facebook is pretty far fetched, but there is something to be learned from his success and the aforementioned quote.  If you love what you do than work becomes a hobby, for me I love being a full time real estate investor and I work a ton of hours, but it really doesn’t seem like work, it’s a blast buying, renovating and selling properties to investors across the country.  I’m not a writer but I like this blogging thing.  I just want to inspire one or two people to become better than they are, as I have said in many posts, don’t hesitate to ask a question by posting a comment and Mike or I will be happy to answer them.

Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest recorded billionaire, at the age of 23 he has accomplish more monetarily than 99.9% of what most people will accomplish in a life time.  Even though America is going through a tough time, this is by far the best place in the world to live and achieve our dreams.  We might not be able to achieve what he has but why not try.  I rather try to accomplish a really big goal and fail than never try at all.

Find something you’re “into” and it might just turn into something great!

Happy Investing!


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One Response to “Dealmakers Quote of the Week -Mark Zuckerberg Facebooks CEO”

  1. Damon Remy 14. Dec, 2010 at 8:43 am #

    How random….I was searching for a quote from Zuckerberg for my Real Estate Website…and I come across your post of “loving Real Estate”

    I just wanted to comment that I think you left a few 9’s off though —

    at the age of 23 he has accomplish more monetarily than 99.9% of what most people will accomplish in a life time

    probably 99.999999999999999%

    He is number 35 I think on Forbes 400….simply amazing!

    Great post though — and right on the money — no pun intended!!!