Dealmakers Quote of the Week 2/22/09

22 Feb

H.L Quist and his Housing Market Predictions

The Afermath of Greed

“Investors and home buyers who bought in the trough of the market in 2007 and 2008 could realize excellent gains within several years.  Vulture funds, investors and foreign buyers will absorb the supply.  Home prices in the major markets like Phoenix should exceed the highest values at the top of 2006 market within two years and reach a level never envisioned attainable until the “crack-up Boom” ends.  Seniors who didn’t cash out at the top will have a second chance for $500,000 in tax-free gains.”  —H. L. Quist   Page 174 Aftermath of Greed

I just completed Mr. Quist’s book The Aftermath of Greed and it was exceptional!  Mr. Quist has successfully predicated the last 5 boom and bust cycles and has capitalized on them all.  I had a brief conversation with him and he mentioned that NOW is defiantly the time to invest in real estate. He is a true visionary of our time. Please watch the video below as he explains this “Inflationary Boom” we will all experience in the near future.

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