Dealmakers Quote of the Week – Tim Ferriss

23 Mar

Tim Ferriss Quotes – Four Hour Work Week

“It’s lonely at the top. 99% of the world is convinced they are incapable of achieving great things, so they aim for the mediocre middle-ground. The level of competition is thus fiercest for “realistic” goals, paradoxically making them the most time- and energy-consuming.” —Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss QuotesI’m in the middle of reading Tim Ferriss book The Four Hour Work Week, and it’s awesome!!!  He challenges the everyday mundane work schedule of the corporate America employee and gives a solution to free up precious time to do the things that’s most important to us.

He talks about creating a “Muse” which is a money making vehicle that can eventually be automated so an individual can spend more time with family, friends and travel.  I’m doing a series on How to go from $0 to $10,000 a Month as a Real Estate Investor which would fit the model of this “muse.”  In the beginning there will be more effort but over time a system can be implemented to free up your calender. 

In Tim’s blog he has some interesting stats that will give some massive motivation to get out of the rat race and start your own deal.

The Top 10 Stats to Know: You’re Not Alone

63% of all employees want to work less, up from 46% in 1992.

26% of adult Americans report being on the verge of a serious nervous breakdown.

40% of workers describe their office environment as “most like a real-life survivor program.”

Only 14% of Americans take two weeks or more at a time for vacation. The average American therefore spends more time in the bathroom than on vacation.

61% of Americans check email while on vacation.

53% of employees would opt for a personal assistant rather than personal trainer.

62% of workers routinely end the day with work-related neck pain, 44% report strained eyes, 38% complain of hand pain, and 34% report difficulty in sleeping due to work-related stress.

88% of employees say they have a hard time juggling work and life.

70% of working fathers and working mothers report they don’t have enough time for their children.

I don’t think I’d ever be able to work only 4 hours a week, but as a full time real estate investor I’m fortunate enough to work when I want and with who I want.  The beauty is, I love what I do so work doesn’t really seem like work. I wouldn’t trade the freedom for anything.

Tim Ferriss Quotes

Try to find something you really love to do, or create a money making muse that will fund the lifestyle you desire. Dare to dream big where the completion is less fierce.

Happy Investing

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